Corona Virus

I’m So Bored!

Has anyone around you said that this week? Have you?

There has been so much grumbling. Aside from the obvious fears of health, the economy, a crashing stock market, our jobs, non-voluntary home schooling, lack of essentials, i.e. toilet paper and bread…should I go on?

No. I shouldn’t. We might want to focus on more uplifting pursuits. I believe this will all end. I read on social media something along the lines of we will get through this. Games will sell out, the economy will come roaring back, a cure will be found, America will win this fight. This I believe.

I am the eternal optimist. I’m Pollyanna. My rose colored glasses are right where they belong. So I choose not to worry. There is a bright side to self quarantine.

We have time at home. We can sleep late or stay up til two in the morning! And then sleep late again! We can bake our own bread…I haven’t done that in years! Or make a pound cake from scratch. Just like my Nanu used to do.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas for activities to fill some of our new free time.

Read a Book.

Tackle your To Be Read stack!

That’s just almost too easy. Surely we have something we’ve been meaning to read. Or re-read. I highly recommend The Summer Before the War. I just finished it. The war is World War I and I knew very little about that time. It is set in England and is rich in story.

Isn’t she cute?

Work a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Find one with at least 1000 pieces. That should keep you busy! You could order one at Barnes and Noble to be delivered so you won’t have to leave the house. I just finished the New Yorker. She was a birthday present that I’ve been saving for the perfect time…I think I found it!

Pull out the sewing machine.

Of course, the big IFs are IF you own one and IF you know how to use it.
But if the answer is Yes I Do!…then get busy! I have a Pinterest board full of cute aprons. Why not use some of your fabric stash to make one for yourself, a friend, and your sister?

This one is from
And this one is from etsy.

They are so pretty and feminine and practical. Check out Yvonne as she explains why she lives in an apron. You will be convinced that you need one, too. She also has the most charming apron rack made of plates and hooks that I’m so going to copy as soon as I can head to a thrift shop for cute plates. I am totally in love with it. When I build it, I will share it here with you. Cross my heart!

Make a Playlist.

  • My Church by Maren Morris
  • This Old Porch by Lyle Lovett
  • Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash
  • The Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page
  • Act Naturally by The Beatles
  • I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles
  • Faded Love by Bob Wills
  • Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert
  • Cotton Fields by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
  • Prop Me Up Beside the Juke Box by Joe Diffie
  • Help! by The Beatles

And then dance to it! Mine is on my iPad and bluetoothed to a speaker. Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Follow a fun new blog.

You never know what great new ideas are out there until you do some searching. Learn to use napkins to decoupage clay pots. Or how to plant bulbs from Home Depot in an antique berry crate to make a charming spring centerpiece. Frame a baby’s dress. Or make a cool bench from a discarded headboard/footboard.

As soon as you find one, you will find more. The bloggers link each other’s content when they find great ideas. I am drawn to decorating and home blogs that are unselfish in their willingness to show you how to complete their projects successfully.

My absolute favorites:

So this is an update! I want you to see Ann’s gorgeous wreath and her blue door. She’s On Sutton Place. So pretty…I have to make this.

And so much more!

Seriously, did you really say you were bored?!? I can think of a million more…

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