This year I am celebrating my 20th year of teaching by retiring. I decided to title this year My Greatest Hits. I am pulling out all the great ideas from the last twenty years to share with an amazing group of eighth graders. I’ve also decided to share them with you.  And with my administrators. […]

Ahh! Summer Reading

Imagine reading a book every day this summer. Yep, a whole book, cover-to-cover, every day.  That is the premise behind the Nerdy Book Club’s #bookaday reading challenge.  Picture books maybe.  A really engrossing novel if it’s not too long.  I tried last summer but didn’t make it.  Life just kept getting in the way, no matter […]


I remember discovering Nancie Atwell. For the very first time I felt like I understood where I was heading in my career. She opened my eyes to the workshop model and its power to unlock student readers and writers from the boxes I was kept in when I was in school. She explained to me […]